Real Estate JudgmentSelling Real Estate Judgments

Most people rarely have to deal with a judgment lien on real property. They can keep up with their mortgage and loan payments on vehicles, or they can call to make payment arrangements as needed. However, there are many reasons that you might not be able to pay your payments, and a creditor sues you to reclaim some of their money. Sometimes, a judge is likely to grant them a lien on your real property, which can include vehicles and homes. In this case, you are required to give over your house or car to the creditor to consider the money paid in full.
However, there is another option available to you. Mayflower Capital Company offers a complete judgment purchase service for cash. When you call on the professionals here, they help you determine what is included in the lien and offers you a no-obligation quote when they make an offer. You can choose to accept and can use the money however you see fit. The company does specialize in judgment purchasing, which means you can be on your way to selling quickly and getting cash in hand. You’ll find that the professionals here can help with a variety of judgments, including bankruptcy liens, divorce judgments, mechanic liens, tax liens, and mortgage/deed-of-trust.
Selling your judgment doesn’t have to be a challenge. Most people aren’t even aware that this is an option. However, now that you are aware, you can choose to sell to a company that will give you money for it. If you just give it to the creditor, you won’t recoup anything, and they take whatever they were awarded. With a judgment purchasing company, you get the money you need, and you have no tangible property that the creditor can take. Therefore, you can work on repayment of the loan on your time instead of theirs.