About Mayflower Judgments

What does Mayflower Judgments do?

We are not lawyers. We are not a collection agency.

We simply purchase judgments and liens that are secured by real estate.

We purchase them outright, in cash, and typically within 48 hours.

Mayflower Judgments is a division of Mayflower Capital, which has been purchasing judgments and liens for over 30 years.

What sets us apart from other buyers?

No Red Tape

Our evaluation process is fast and simple. You will receive personal attention from an experienced professional.

When we agree to purchase a judgment, we buy it outright. The process is simple and fast.

Personal Care

Selling a judgment or lien can seem confusing and difficult. Mayflower Judgments wants to make sure our sellers fully understand every step of the process. We are approachable, upfront, and honest. We’ll take the time to answer every question.

Real Estate Lien

Professional Service – At No Cost

We go to great lengths to get a deal done quickly and properly, at no cost to you. We will sort through all the details, making the process simple and easy.

We Pay in CASH!

You will receive cash for your real estate lien or judgment.