If you’ve gone to all the trouble of taking a debtor to court in order to obtain a judgment against them, chances are that you’re owed a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, although a judgment was obtained, it may take years before it’s collected. If proof of the debtor’s assets can’t be easily traced, you may wonder if you are ever going to get your money back. This is where we can help; we can buy your judgment or lien, enabling you to get your hands on cash quickly and in a straight-forward manner.

Mayflower Judgments – Fast, Hassle-Free Cash

When it comes to selling your judgment, here at Mayflower Judgments we offer a speedy, user-friendly service that enables you to sell your judgment or lien. No lawyers, brokers or third parties are involved: once your judgment qualifies by our skilled, experienced evaluators will get on the case and give you an offer quickly. Our professional team is able to work on judgments against many different types of real property at no cost to you.

We Buy Judgments on Almost Any Real Property

Our company buys judgments to enable you to get hard cash quickly. Rather than wait years for the uncertain prospect of available funds, our team can ensure you get money for your judgment within a week. Why wait? There is no cost for our service – you receive a FREE, no-obligation quote on your lien or judgment and can then decide whether you want to go ahead and obtain fast cash, or carry on waiting indefinitely in the vague hope that your judgment will be realized.

Mayflower Judgments – Here to Help

We are proud of our reputation for professional, transparent and honest judgment purchases. Our goal is to ensure that your judgment is realized for a fair price, enabling you to enjoy ready cash here and now, just when you need it. To find out more about our services or to tell us about your judgment and what your requirements are, call us at (303) 388-6666